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The modernization of Auchan Korzó Soroksár has significantly improved customer experience - this is what our latest survey revealed

Nhood Services Hungary, the operator of the Auchan Korzó shopping centers in Hungary, recently conducted another satisfaction survey among the visitors of Auchan Korzó Soroksár. This time the research examined the impact of the renovation on customer experience.  

The Auchan Korzó Soroksár underwent a major renovation in 2021, which not only made the shopping center more modern and aesthetically pleasing, but also expanded its services. The corridors, the bathrooms, as well as the food courtyard area were completely modernized. Apart from the remodeling, the food court has been expanded with a spacious, 60-seat terrace. In addition to the replacement of floor and ceiling tiles, the mall's corridors have been equipped with new benches with electric outlets for charging mobile phones, new plant stands and modern digital totems for advertising at the entrances. The food court also features a children's play area and two spectacular LED walls, as well as three new restaurants and a new café.

As an operator, our primary objectives with the refurbishment were to create a more sustainable, aesthetically pleasing environment, increase traffic and improve customer satisfaction. 

No wonder we were curious about how the perception of the renovated site had changed, so we recently conducted a local survey to explore customer satisfaction and find out how renovation affects customer experience. 160 of our visitors took part in the survey, most of them visit the Auchan hypermarket in Soroksár at least once a week (53%), and the majority of them shop at the Auchan Korzó Soroksár stores at least once every month (86%).

The survey results show that the Auchan Korzó Soroksár mainly serves the needs of the local community: nearly 70% of shoppers visit the mall from within a 20-minute radius. 25% of those coming from the XXIII district shop at the Auchan Korzó stores several times a week.

In addition, it turned out that different age groups visit the shops of Auchan Korzó Soroksár for different reasons: a higher proportion of people aged 18-29 visit the shopping center to shop in shoe and fashion stores or to eat; while the proportion of those who shop at a pharmacy is significantly higher among the 50-65 age group. The availability and variety of services - e.g., telecommunications and banking - are important for all ages: two-thirds of all respondents indicated this category as the type of store they visit. In terms of gender distribution, perfume and beauty shops are more popular among women, while visiting a bank is more popular among men.

Positive feedback for us is that all customers who participated in the research - regardless of age, gender and shopping frequency - noticed that the food court, the in-store corridors and the bathrooms of Auchan Korzó Soroksár have been renewed, and almost all customers are satisfied with the renovation (99%).

Asked about specific aspects of the remodeling, the new food court and terrace were unanimously well received by younger customers (18-29 years old) and particularly by customers from rural areas.


We are also very pleased to learn that our customers are not only satisfied with the renewed Auchan Korzó, but their survey responses indicate that they feel that the renovation has brought substantial improvements.

Customers felt that the best results were achieved by the refurbishment of the food court and changes to the lighting in the corridors, the appearance of the bathrooms and the flooring in the corridors. In addition to these changes, our visitors also expressed above average satisfaction with the changes to the overall atmosphere and appearance of the shopping center, as well as the security.

According to the survey, the customers of Auchan Korzó Soroksár were happy to see the new food court: 83% of the visitors have already eaten in one of the restaurants after the renovation. By age and gender, this proportion is even higher among younger age groups and men.

Balázs Gábosy, Director of Business Development, Sales and Operations of Nhood Hungary, operator of Auchan Korzó shopping centers, said the following about the results of the research:

"We are enormously happy that the survey has yielded such positive results, as our aim is to ensure that our shopping centers are successful and our customers are satisfied. That is why we are constantly upgrading our locations. Last year, we not only renovated the Auchan Korzó in Soroksár, but also the bathrooms of the Csömör, Solymár, Óbuda and Fót sites. In the future, we will continue to renovate our locations to make them even more suitable for tenants and visitors. This research provides a great starting point for this. We will use the gained experience to create shopping centers that meet the needs of today's customers in every respect. At Nhood, we believe that we can only create real value in real estate development by achieving social, environmental and economic positives together, so we strive to look at all our activities in the triple dimensions of People, Planet and Profit. In addition to aesthetics, we also pay attention to the use of environmentally conscious solutions, and with our events we strive to make our shopping malls bustling meeting places for all ages.”