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Nhood Hungary also joined Cseriti's spring clean-up campaign

In the Cseriti box placed in our office, we have collected a lot of unwanted household items that are sent to families in need.

As a responsible, eco-positive minded company, we believe it is important to take sustainability into account not only during our shopping center operations and development projects, but also in our everyday office life. Therefore, in recent years, we have participated in many CSR activities, as well as volunteer work and employee donations, in order to make a positive impact on our environment.
The latest example of our value-creating mindset is that we recently joined Cseriti's spring cleaning campaign. Since 2011, Cseriti has been operating the oldest and also the largest network of donation shops in our country. In Cseriti's program specifically aimed at companies, recycled collection boxes are placed in companies and office buildings, in which small, redundant household items, toys, technical items, and kitchen appliances can be placed.

The Cseriti Box is primarily an awareness-raising tool for companies: it draws the attention of employees to the importance of recycling. Thanks to the collection boxes, hundreds of tons of clothes and books, as well as other household items, remain in use and thus in circulation every year.

In the Cseriti collection box in Nhood Hungary's office, our colleagues had the opportunity to place items that are still in good condition but they no longer use, however would like to keep in circulation. Of course, the box proved to be too small, with many more items collected than it could fit. We are pleased that the 5 large bags of utility and decorative objects, children's toys, school supplies, kitchen utensils, bags and other fashion accessories will not end up in the landfill, but will go to new owners through Cseriti's network of stores - primarily to families and pensioners with lower incomes.

We find that Cseriti's initiative specifically targeting businesses is great, and therefore, we will be taking part in the autumn clean-up as well. We hope that many other companies will follow our example.

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