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Auchan Korzó's latest commercial promotes the benefits of offline shopping

The marketing team of Nhood Hungary, the operator of Auchan Korzó shopping centers, has created a new commercial film in which a young couple, with the help of brand ambassadors Ramóna Lékai-Kiss and András Stohl, realize that shopping in a store is not only practical, but also much more fun, as offline shopping offers many great experiences and brings people closer together. The film will be available on the brand's website and social platforms.

Although consumer habits are changing rapidly and online shopping is gaining more and more ground in Hungary as well, fortunately the majority of people still long for a personal shopping experience. That is why our company strives to make the shopping centers we operate diverse, pleasant and lively meeting places where people enjoy shopping and spending their free time.

This is the idea behind Auchan Korzó's latest commercial as well, which draws attention to the many benefits of offline shopping.

In the film created by Paprika Studios, a couple in their twenties, with the help of brand ambassadors Ramóna Lékai-Kiss and András Stohl, experience that shopping in a store is not only practical, as we have the opportunity to touch and try everything before buying, but it’s also much more fun, since we can enrich ourselves with great experiences and get closer to others, which would not be possible while sitting in front of the screen.

Like the previous films, the new video has a clean visual world, but is also colorful and interesting. During the casting process, we also made sure that we chose actors whose basic characteristics are cheerfulness and positive radiance, so that it would come across naturally in the film. The predominant elements in the spot are pop music and a fast pace, and its special feature is that every move the characters make is paralleled with expressions typical of the digital generation, which appear as subtitles in the video. Thus, the phrases learned during online shopping take on a new meaning during in-person shopping, as new emotions and experiences are attached to the expressions.

The film was shot in one of our most popular locations, Auchan Korzó Budaörs. In the scenes, many tenants - including Yves Rocher, Starbucks, 5sec dry cleaners, Saxxo London, Telekom, Office Shoes, Barber Shop and Buddha Originals – appear, and drone shots were also taken. 

Gergely Fonay, Head of Marketing and Communication of Nhood Hungary, the operator of the Auchan Korzó shopping centers, said the following regarding the topic:

"One of the main goals of our long-term marketing strategy is to raise awareness of the many advantages of classic, offline shopping over online shopping, and to invite people to the Auchan Korzós. We believe that although consumer needs are changing, fortunately, people have not completely switched over to digital solutions and still demand the opportunities for personal meetings and experiential shopping. Our latest commercial was created with this in mind and we are very pleased with the results. We hope customers will love it too."