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Nhood Hungary wins MBSZ image tender

The Association of Hungarian Shopping Centers (MBSZ) recently called for tenders for the renewal of its image elements. Participants were invited to submit new logo and key visual designs, webpage visual designs and slogan proposals. Thanks to the excellent work of the marketing team, Nhood Hungary won the assignment.  

Nhood offers its clients complex real estate market solutions, which - in addition to the development, asset management, leasing and operation of real estate properties - includes marketing activities as well. Since our company, Nhood's Hungarian subsidiary manages the Auchan Commercial Centers and Auchan Korzó shopping centers with nearly 650 stores nationwide, we have been a member of the Association of Hungarian Shopping Centers (MBSZ) for many years.
The shopping center industry is nowadays characterized by the renovation and repositioning of buildings, due to the decline in new developments and also because of the need to keep up with changing consumer habits. In this context, renewal has also become necessary for MBSz. A modern image and a professional communication strategy that meets the challenges of the times not only reinforces confidence, but also reflects high professional values towards members, advocacy partners, government and customers.

Recognizing this, the Association of Hungarian Shopping Centers has launched a call for tenders to update its image elements. Participants were invited to submit new logo and key visual designs, webpage visual designs and slogan proposals.

Thanks to the excellent work of our marketing team, the tender was won by Nhood Hungary. The contract is an important milestone in the life of our company because it is the first marketing communication project we have done for a partner outside the group.

Judit Balatoni, Secretary General of the Association of Hungarian Shopping Centers said:

"Based on the entries received for the rebranding tender, the opinion of the jury of marketing experts who evaluated the project was clear. Nhood created the logo designs that reflected the expectations set out in the tender. Thinking together with the Nhood team and defining the strategy, we received proposals that showed attention to detail, creativity, a high level of professionalism and knowledge of the market. It was these skills that led to the logo design that was finally adopted. The new logo represents a number of messages, ideas and feelings that are important and decisive for the MBSZ and its members. Getting to know Nhood better, we see a youthful, dynamic and innovative team who see great potential in this project. We are confident that with the renewed image we will be able to communicate the values we offer to our members more effectively and also reinforce the aspects that are important to the association."

Gergely Fonay, Nood Hungary’s Head of Marketing and Communication commented:

"The mission of Nhood and the Association of Hungarian Shopping Centers is the same, since -as operators - it is also important for us to ensure that shopping centers continue to be bustling, exciting commercial destinations that provide valuable pastime opportunities and meet changing consumer needs. We believe that MBSZ has a prominent role in representing the interests of shopping centers and in shaping the future of the domestic retail market. We are therefore proud and honored to have won the image tender and thus can take part in renewing the brand. Even the preparation of the tender was exciting for us. We were given a free hand in creating the graphic designs and the result is something that both MBSZ and Nhood Hungary can be proud of, as we have managed to create a modern, dynamic visual world that meets today’s expectations as well as the professional needs clearly expressed by MBSZ."