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Meet Our Leaders video – Beáta Kákosy, Market Research and Data Analytics Senior Manager

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The next episode of our “Meet our Leaders” video series features Beáta Kákosy, our Market Research and Data Analytics Senior Manager, who shares her thoughts on her work by answering five questions.

“I have two favorite projects. One is a redevelopment, the rehabilitation of a previously neglected area. It’s in Kecskemét, a major housing development called Boróka Park, where I think we can create real value by transforming an old, derelict area. The other is an ongoing consultancy project, called Site Vision, where we’ve taken on the task of creating a future development direction by looking at the properties we manage from several angles. Practically everything from our real estate knowledge is used, with the examination of all sub-markets and by conducting a full screening of the property. This is a very exciting and valuable consultancy assignment.” 

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