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Our company recently held another Inspiration Day, during which we visited both the Solymár Ground Squirrel Reserve and the soon-to-be-opened Dunakeszi Turtle Nature Trail, and then held a panel discussion to evaluate the achievements and challenges of the past months.

At Nhood, we consider effective communication between teams to be important, which is why we hold a company-level joint meeting once a month on a Friday, where we get to know the current affairs of each department in the framework of short presentations. These occasions not only help the flow of information and smoother cooperation, but also strengthen team spirit. Our meetings always end with a shared pizza lunch.

Once or twice a year, our Pizza Fridays turn into Inspiration Days, where we visit external locations either with the aim of seeing what innovative solutions other market players use in their developments, or to visit our project sites together.

The company day held on 19 May 2023 started on the soon-to-be-opened Dunakeszi Turtle Nature Trail, which will introduce the wildlife of the peat bog next to the Dunakeszi Auchan Korzó, bringing nature closer to the visitors of the local Auchan retail park.
A spectacular boardwalk will guide nature lovers along the approx. 700-meter-long trail of the peat bog, allowing them to get to know the local fauna and flora through real experiences. During the tour of the site, we saw marshlands with a rich ecosystem, reedbeds and inland lakes, and we also met the local fauna, frogs and ducks. The uniqueness of the project is exemplified by the fact that Dunakeszi will be the first retail park in Hungary to provide customers with this kind of nature attraction, and we have every hope that it will be very popular among visiting school groups and families.

Read more about this project here:

The Inspiration Day continued at the Solymár Ground Squirrel Reserve (Ürgerét), where we created a 16,000 m2 fenced park in the area of ​​the Solymár Auchan Commercial Center to ensure the protection and reproduction of the ground squirrels living in the area. Next to the meadow, we also built a comfortable visitor center equipped with binoculars and benches, where people can relax & enjoy the beautiful Pilis panorama while also getting to know the protected fur-bearing animals that live here.

Read more about this project here:

As proof that the Ürgerét Visitor Centre is also an excellent venue for company meetings, we held a panel discussion here, based on questionnaires filled in beforehand by our employees. The responses from our colleagues revealed that, despite the challenges, we are overall satisfied with the results of the first quarter of this year and look forward to future tasks with optimism. It is important to highlight that at the end of the panel discussion we were able to ask our Management anonymous questions and received satisfactory and honest answers to the topics raised. The good-spirited meeting ended again with pizza together.

Both the Dunakeszi and Solymár locations received a lot of positive feedback from our staff. It was very inspiring to see how a development project, which we had only heard and talked about for a long time, finally makes it from the drawing board to the implementation stage.

These company days spent together not only serve as inspiration for our future tasks, but also shape us into a stronger team, thereby contributing to the positive economic, social and environmental results we work towards every day.
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