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At the beginning of June, we spent three days in Lille, at the Nhood HQ, to work together on our vision, New Living Mood, and the realization of our long-term goals. Although more and more companies are realizing the huge role that the right workplace atmosphere plays in increasing the commitment of colleagues, it is still not often that a company turns its office into a festival venue to realize an all-round excellent professional and social event for its employees. Our short report follows.

NhoodFest was held between the fifth and seventh of June. Almost 1,050 Nhooders from 11 member countries gathered in Lille, France to work together on how we can turn our vision, New Living Mood, into concrete projects and realize our objectives to transform our real estate portfolio by creating mixed-function, vibrant and sustainable neighborhoods & commercial destinations that not only have a positive impact on our environment, but also create added value and a better quality of life.

In addition, the event also gave us the opportunity to celebrate our successes together and strengthen the sense of community within the company. Over the course of the three days, we listened to fantastic speeches from our leaders, heard many valuable presentations, participated in group workshops and sealed the experience of togetherness with a great closing party.

It is especially worth mentioning the highly positive corporate spirit of Nhood, which was reflected in every single program - starting from the inspiring leadership speeches, which caused a standing ovation, to the joint morning exercise and later meditation as well as the group workshops, where we could experience that despite our differences, all member countries think along the same set of values.

During the exercises, many People-Planet-Profit based ideas were mentioned that can add positive impact, innovative attractions to our commercial locations and support human connection. Equally important was the presentation by one of France's most successful sportsmen, Tony Parker, who reminded us through his heartfelt testimony that there is no goal unattainable if you have enough faith in yourself. We’ve been keeping the autographed basketball in the office ever since.

During the three days of Nhoodfest, 900 photos were taken, all of which reflect genuine joy. It is also worth watching the NhoodFest recap video. Not just to think about the months of hard work it took to make this grandiose professional event happen, but also to see all the smiling faces and the general enthusiasm.

With NhoodFest, our workplace has shown what it's like when a company not only values its clients, but also its own community. Now it is our turn to show that we can achieve the goals we have set ourselves to become a company that offers innovative, sustainable, positive impact full-scale real estate solutions.

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