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Nhood Hungary attends MBSZ Marketing Group Meeting

The Association of Hungarian Shopping Centers (MBSZ) held a Marketing Group Meeting on May 16, 2023 at the Crowne Plaza Budapest hotel. Our company was represented at the event by our Head of Marketing, Gergely Fonay. The members discussed the common future of the association, including the topics of lobbying, advocacy, information provision and communication.

The aim of the Hungarian Association of Shopping Centers is to bring together the market players active in the development and operation of shopping centers, to represent and approximate the interests of the parties from a professional and economic point of view, thus strengthening the development of the profession and consolidating its vision.

Among other things, the organization monitors the practical implementation of the legislation regulating the sector and, where necessary, initiates the review and amendment of regulations and measures that hamper the operation of its members with the competent economic governance bodies, and as a member of the ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers), it also plays an active role in the domestic introduction of international practices and standards.

The marketing section investigated what the current tasks of the shopping center sector are, where the profession wants to position itself, how much lobbying power and advocacy contacts it has, and what are the common goals to be formulated in the midst of changing customer needs as well as the challenges of an uncertain macroeconomic environment.

Similarly, there was a strong focus on information provision - the importance of collecting and sharing relevant market data, both international and domestic, and the importance of market research and database development.

The sector's marketing professionals also discussed the organization's overall communication activities. The need to update the visual elements, to create the image, a newsletter and an active online presence, to organize press appearances and press reviews, as well as the provision of discount advertising options for the members, were discussed.

The professional day was considered a success by the members. The next MBSZ Marketing Group meeting will continue with discussions on events, networking opportunities and tenders.