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Pascal Steens represented our company at CBRE's ESG Outlook event

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We attended CBRE's ESG Outlook 2022 event held on November 15, 2022. Our company was represented by our Managing Director, Pascal Steens, who also participated in the panel discussion related to the presentation.

As a result of the increasingly pressing reality of the climate crisis, tightening regulations and growing expectations of society, the domestic real estate market is more and more focused on environmental issues that determine not only project development but also investment decisions. According to the latest international real estate market reports, in order to protect their portfolios, conscious investors are increasingly focusing on buildings that benefit from welfare and sustainability factors, while at the same time trying to get rid of aging assets that carry the risk of potential obsolescence (Source: Global Investor Outlook 2022).

A similar result was reached in the Hungary report of the Market Outlook 2022 published earlier this year, which puts ESG in the first place in terms of key trends and forecasts for real estate segments in the domestic market.  And recently, CBRE's ESG Outlook 2022 report has also been completed, which focuses on why and how to integrate ESG approaches into real estate market activities. This report was the highlight of CBRE's recent networking event, where in addition to listening to the valuable presentation, ESG issues were also discussed.

As a full-service real estate solutions provider, we have been placing special emphasis on environmental and sustainability issues from the start, so we were pleased to be invited to this important event.

Our company was represented by Pascal Steens, our Managing Director, who also participated in the panel discussion, analyzing among others the relationship between ESG and the real estate market, the issues of EU taxonomy and the importance of BREEAM ratings.

The discussion provided a great opportunity for us to hear CBRE's views on sustainability and to share our People-Planet-Profit based corporate philosophy with other market players.

Other participants of the professional dialogue were Balázs Báthory, Deputy CEO of Market Építő Zrt. and from CBRE, Lóránt Varga Country Manager, Ágnes Szentpály Director, Head of Property Management, and Áron Horváth Head of Sustainability.
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