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Auchan Korzó brand value enhancement through our CSR activities

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Nhood's CSR team this year again organized numerous donations for organizations that are working to embrace areas that affect the target groups of the Auchan Korzó shopping centers we operate.

On behalf of our client, Ceetrus, through the conscientious and expert work of our CSR team, year after year we support organizations that not only represent value to us, but also cover all target groups of the Auchan Korzó brand we manage, while also increasing the likability and success of the brand. These are the following:

Foundation for Breast Cancer Cure

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. About 7,000 patients are diagnosed with breast cancer in Hungary every year. Not only for the female customers of the Auchan Korzós we operate, but also because of Nhood's humane values, we think it’s important that the Auchan Korzó brand we represent supports the fight against breast cancer.

That is why, we have been organizing donations for the Breast Cancer Cure Foundation, the largest domestic breast cancer research, treatment and self-help group organization. From donation, the foundation buys devices that improve the treatment conditions of cancer patients.

We’ve also been visiting the self-help group run by the foundation. Last year, we gifted the members awareness t-shirts, while this December we participated in the "Paint our health" therapeutic glass painting, where we made patients happy with a Christmas tree.

In addition, we raise awareness of the importance of timely screening tests on Auchan Korzó's online platforms.

MentsManust Association

The MentsManust Association, which has been operating for more than ten years, is the country's largest men’s health movement. They are also responsible for the Prostate Commando screening programme, which has been running since 2016, and the Movember movement, which raises awareness of men's health problems and prevention by growing moustaches every November.
For years, our Auchan Korzó has been supporting the work of the organization with a donation, which is used to purchase rapid home tests. Plus, we also provide a location for prostate cancer screenings that are organized by the association.

We communicated the free screening and counselling held at Auchan Korzó Budaörs in November with awareness-raising online and offline tools, and also engaged a sponsor to increase the number of participants. The men who participated in the screening received a driving credit worth HUF 2000 as a gift, courtesy of SHARE NOW Hungary car-sharing.  

The free screening revealed higher than healthy PSA levels in almost 20% of participants, who were referred for further specialist consultation to prevent the development of more serious disease.

"Easier Together" Foundation for Women's Health

To help those wanting to start a family, Auchan Korzó also supports the fight against endometriosis.
The "Together It's Easier" Foundation for Women's Health is the only officially registered non-profit organization in Hungary, established to support women with endometriosis. The foundation, which has been operating since 2014, brings together doctors, health professionals, institutions and alternative therapy experts to help women living with the illness.

The organized donation will be used to put together hospital kits to help those affected by the disease to receive information and treatment. The packages, worth HUF 15,000 each, are free of charge for patients treated in hospital and include an endometriosis booklet, a pre-operative patient information leaflet, hand sanitiser, vitamins and creams.

In addition to financial support, we also raise awareness of the disease through the online platforms of Auchan Korzó. We believe that the health of all of us is equally important, so our aim with awareness-raising communication is to get people to the right, expert doctors.

György Gottsegen National Cardiovascular Institute Children's Heart Centre

The Gottsegen György National Cardiovascular Institute is one of the leading institutions in Europe for cardiovascular diseases. The pediatric heart transplant program was launched in 2007 and has since then performed more than half a hundred successful heart transplants. It also plays a key role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

The life-saving and quality-of-life enhancing activities carried out by the hospital's staff, as well as the preventive program they organize to promote a healthier lifestyle, are also valuable to us, which is why the Children's Heart Centre has been among the institutions we have been supporting for years as a representative of the Auchan Korzó brand.

In agreement with the institution’s staff, we organized the donation of an ECG machine in 2019, special hospital cots in 2020, an inhaler in 2021, and this year doppler machines, blood pressure monitors and children's cuffs for painless blood pressure measurement to support the recovery of young patients.