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Nhood Hungary Kft. is not only one of the main sponsors of the event, but has also been participating as a speaker and expert at the conference for years.
On September 15, 2022, the most prominent real estate event of the autumn season, the Property Investment Forum, took place once again. This year, two of our leaders contributed to the event’s program. The conference, which is now becoming a tradition, was first organized by the Portfolio Group in 2005 with the aim of bringing together Hungarian financial and real estate professionals to review the present and future of the real estate market, discuss the most important professional and business issues, and listen to the market's big players and opinion leaders in informative presentations and panel discussions. Every year, the speakers include well-known European and domestic investors, developers, professional and company managers, financial experts, as well as analysts presenting case studies.

This year's one-day event offered offline and online programs on the topics of developments, financing, macroeconomic and political processes, technological and environmental innovations, giving a glimpse into the domestic real estate market, including the housing and office market, the construction industry, banking sphere, to the situation of retail, the hotel market, and the industrial and logistics sector.

The conference explored, among other things, the long-term market impacts of covid, the challenges facing the industry, how to find sustainable and profitable solutions in the shadow of recession, inflation, war, energy crisis and increasingly expensive financing, how to operate in a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way, how politics influences the opportunities in the domestic real estate market, how greening is a real need or rather an expectation, and how real estate development is changing towards branding, ecosystems, community building, smart functions and the creation of complex urban mini-cities.

Our company has been not only a sponsor but also a participant of this prestigious professional event for years. Our Director of Business Development, Sales and Operations, Balázs Gábosy, gave an exciting presentation on one of our most important developments, titled "Do you know a good place in Óbuda?", informing the audience that we are planning to create a new urban neighborhood in Óbuda in line with Nhood’s vision. In the presentation, it was mentioned that the project will include mixed functions, shops, leisure facilities, restaurants, co-working offices, a hotel and student accommodation, with lots of green space, a shopping street and a playground for residents and workers in the area.
Our Real Estate Development Director, Csongor Sándor, participated in the panel discussion titled "Housing Market - Rust or Nothing? - Is there life beyond Budapest?" where, in addition to discussing rural housing development, the impact of the energy crisis, financing issues and green solutions, our Kecskemét residential development project, Boróka Park was also mentioned.
We would like to thank all our colleagues who represented our company either as participants or in the audience, and we congratulate Balázs and Csongor for their successful contribution!