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We participated again in the PET Cup


Just as last year, in addition to the participation, we also supported the event with a donation 

The PET Cup, the waste collection competition organized in the Upper Tisza was organized for the ninth time this year. Employees of Nhood Services Hungary Kft. participated both last year and this year in the event. Between July 31 and August 8, 2021, the PET Pirates, with their self-built boats made from plastic bottles, freed the 60-kilometer section of the Tisza River from another 6 tons of waste.  

The PET Cup has been cleaning the river since 2013, and since then it has produced tons of waste from the water and inspired thousands to lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. During the entire competition, participants camp outdoors, their work made even more adventurous by the many mosquitoes, the dense floodplain vegetation, the changeable water levels of the Tisza, and the high river banks. Yet the success of the PET Cup lies in the fact that entrants take part not only in garbage collection, but also in an exciting competition, as well as a fantastic community experience.

Sixteen teams competed in the IX. Upper Tisza PET Cup this year, and the participants cleaned the Tisza of 1,027 bags of waste in just over a week. From the very beginning, the organizers have also paid special attention to the reuse of the recyclable part of the collected waste. Teams are also playing an increasingly important role in the selection process. 

In addition to participating in the PET Cup, Nhood Services Hungary Kft. also supported the organizers' all year-round activities with a donation of HUF 400.000 this year. The PET Cup competitions are linked by year-round programs: river rescue operations are preceded by waste mapping fieldwork, and the team of professionals also organize educational lectures and team-building programs.

Dóra Diána Szemerédi, CSR and Internal Communication Senior Manager of Nhood Hungary, said the following in connection with the participation:

“The aim of PET Cup is to promote a more environmentally conscious lifestyle and to preserve the natural state of the rivers. This attitude-forming activity is also important for our company, as it fits in perfectly with Nhood's sustainable corporate strategy and values for the well-being of people and the planet. That’s why we support their year-round work and physically participate in events whenever we can."