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We further strengthened Nhood’s CSR competence


The business sector is playing an increasingly important role in the fight against climate change. In case of our company engaged in the development of mixed-use real estate and the operation of shopping centers, the issue of environmental protection and sustainability is particularly crucial as the construction industry is one of the industries with the largest ecological footprint. Therefore, we consider it essential to play our role in creating a more sustainable future, so we are constantly improving our „green thinking”. 

At Nhood, we believe in creating real value in real estate development by combining environmental, social and economic considerations. With our triple positive effect mindset striving for the harmony of People, Planet & Profit, we work to responsibly develop the environment for current and future generations, and therefore we are constantly educating ourselves in the field of environmental protection and sustainability. 

In this context, we think it is important that our Head of CSR & Internal Communications, Dóra Diána Szemerédi, recently completed GREEN BRANDS Hungary's 6-month Certified Sustainability Manager training which provides a comprehensive insight into the diverse areas of sustainability. 

The five-module curriculum provided our CSR leader with academically rigorous yet practice-oriented knowledge in the areas of the economics of sustainability, the benefits of sustainable business, carbon footprint calculation, energy management, waste management and the circular economy, among others.   

Dóra Szemerédi Diána, our Head of CSR and Internal Communications commented:  

"I am very happy and proud to have been one of the first to complete the CSM training course launched by Green Brands, which structured the broad field of sustainability in a very well-designed framework. I have received excellent input for the further planning of Nhood Hungary's CSR activities based on its 3P vision and have been able to develop valuable professional relationships. When talking about sustainability, it is important to look at this area in a holistic way and to think long-term, so I would like to thank the management for supporting my participation. I hope that the knowledge and mindset I have gained during my training will be put to good use in our projects as sustainability is becoming more and more important for our clients as well.”