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Renewed Auchan Korzó Soroksár awaits customers in a modern, aesthetic environment


Not only has the renovated shopping center become more stylish, but three new restaurants and a new café also opened in the food courtyard. 

The renovation of Auchan Korzó Soroksár has recently been finished. The remodeling began in April and took more than six months, but thanks to work done mostly at night, customers were able to do their shopping undisturbed throughout the renovation. The modernization was needed because the site no longer met present-day market needs.  With the transformation, the goals of the operator, Nhood Services Hungary Kft., included improving customer satisfaction, creating a more sustainable, aesthetic environment, and increasing turnover. 

The works did not affect the external façade of the building, but the corridors, the bathrooms, as well as the food courtyard area were completely modernized. Apart from the remodeling, the food court has been expanded with a spacious, open terrace. In addition to the replacement of the floor and ceiling coverings, mall corridors were equipped with new benches with electric outlets, suitable for charging mobile phones, as well as new plant stands, while digital totems suitable for projecting advertisements greet customers at the entrances. The existing lighting has been complemented by aesthetic, industrial suspended lamps, while windows, entrances and emergency exits are redesigned with the intention to increase the role of natural light. During the renovation, a total of about 5,000 m2 of cladding, 700 meters of decorative LED strips, 200 lamps and 22 rest benches were installed. 


While corridors received a new, warm medium gray tile floor, the food court area has been covered with wood-effect cold cladding to create an industrial lofty, yet friendly atmosphere. A children's playground has been created in the middle of food courtyard, surrounded by modern tables and bar stools. The renovated food court accommodate 270 visitors. An area for a mobile stage has also been designated to serve as a venue for events, while two spectacular 18 m2 LED walls await customers with constantly renewed advertising content. During the remodeling, the food court has been expanded by an 82 m2, shaded, 60-seat terrace on the southwest side of the Auchan hypermarket. 

The transformation also affected mechanical systems and plumbing. During the work, specialists replaced 710 meters of drinking water pipes and 210 meters of sewage pipes, as well as 10,700 meters of electrical cable. 

In addition to the renewed environment, customers can also enjoy three new restaurants. Pesti Pipi, an emerging, popular Hungarian brand, Burger Kitchen, already proven to be popular in Auchan Korzó Maglód, and Grill Kitchen, offering healthy barbecue dishes, have appeared as new fast-food players. In addition, in response to customer needs, there is now also an on-site café offering a quality coffee experience. Mon Crémi awaits visitors with sugar-free, vegan and lactose-free delicacies as well as traditional coffees and desserts. 

Nhood Services Hungary Kft., the operator of Auchan Korzós in Hungary is committed to environmentally conscious real estate development, and therefore, in addition to the design update and the expansion of services and functions, environmentally conscious solutions were given priority during the renovation. As a result, Auchan Korzó Soroksár recently obtained one of the world's best-known international green building certifications, the BREEAM In-Use certification.   

In connection with the remodeling, Sándor Csongor, Director of Real Estate Development at Nhood Services Hungary Kft., said the following: 

“With the renovation, our goal was to make the Soroksár site an aesthetic, bustling meeting place for all ages. A place where people like to spend time. Sustainability was also an important consideration, so we used recycled materials and a number of energy-saving solutions. There is now more natural light and the shopping center feels more spacey. We used more natural colors and also brought in more plants. Thanks to this, we created not only a more modern place, but a much friendlier atmosphere.“