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Projects for the common good: our value-creating activities at Nhood

At Nhood, we work on projects that represent value for as many people as possible. In addition, we strive to contribute to the common good with volunteer work, employee donations and our financial means. Over the past year, we have participated in several non-profit activities that exemplify our people-centered approach.

At Nhood, we believe that real value creation benefits everyone. Therefore, we strive to deliver projects that take into account not only the economic benefit, but also the human factor and aspects of protecting our planet.

It’s part of our corporate philosophy that we aim to have a positive impact on the environment around us. Therefore, in addition to our 3P-based projects and supplementing them, we support numerous foundations and institutes year after year, and also contribute to the common good through volunteer work and employee donations.

This social sensitivity and our shared belief in using our means to make people's lives better permeates our everyday lives and, alongside the results we achieve, makes us a stronger, more cohesive team.

In late February, an unexpected event shook Europe: a war broke out next to Hungary. Upon hearing the news, we contacted several non-profit organizations and offered our help. Our colleagues helped the Red Cross work in Lónya, on the Ukrainian border, for five days, in 8–12-hour shifts. In addition, our employees sent clothes, non-perishable food, diapers, hygiene products, blankets and pet food to the refugee families, which our company supplemented with corporate purchases.

We feel that helping disadvantaged families is a similarly important activity. For this reason, for the fourth year now, we are supporting the United Social, Health and Child Welfare Institution of Miskolc with used clothes, shoes, toys, bags and bedding. The Miskolc institution provides family assistance in the administrative area of ​​the City of Miskolc as well as 13 surrounding small settlements. In addition to general life management and mental health counseling, the center undertakes the organization of access to monetary and in-kind benefits for those struggling with financial difficulties, as well as the collection of material donations from the public. Nhood employees donated clothes to the institution five times during the past year, and in December we also sent Santa packages and chocolates. Our donation helps the lives of approximately 250 families in need.

It is related to our efforts to protect our planet that we’ve been supporting the PET Cup since 2020, the waste collection competition organized in the Upper Tisza, with a monetary donation and our personal participation. Our PET Pirates, together with the other participating teams, have freed the Tisza River from more than a thousand bags of waste again this year. The PET Cup has been working to clean up Hungary’s second largest river since 2013 and has inspired thousands of people to adopt a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. We consider their awareness-raising activities an asset, which is why we support their work throughout the year and also participate in their events.

On 07.07.2022, we held a special team building event. In the frame of a Volunteer Day, we visited the Károlyi István Children's Center in Fót, where we made the environment cozier for the children living there by tidying up the courtyard, gardening, repairing benches and making pallet furniture. In addition to the yard improvements, we donated basketballs, nets, soccer balls, foosball tables, baseball caps and backpacks for the young residents. We also brought a money donation, which will be used to buy health boxes and medicines for the facility. It made us enormously happy when the young people living in the children's home joined us in the activities and were also able to experience what teamwork really is and what it’s like when individuals all contribute their part to the common good.

We are grateful to all Nhooders who have participated in any way in our value-creating CSR activities over the past year and have volunteered to support each cause, contributing to the positive social, environmental and economic outcomes we work towards every day.