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People-centered approach: Nhood supports various health foundations


During recent years, we supported the Children's Heart Centre, the Foundation for Breast Cancer Cure and the MentsManus Hungary Association. 

Our company, Nhood, which develops, regenerates and operates mixed use properties, places special emphasis on corporate social responsibility. We always seek to create value during our projects, and as part of our people-centered approach, we provide financial support to an increasing number of foundations and institutions every year. 

Our company has been supporting the exemplary work of the Children's Heart Center of the György Gottsegen National Cardiovascular Institute for the past three years. In 2019, we purchased an ECG device worth HUF 560,000, while in 2020 we purchased hospital cribs for the institution for HUF 500,000. This year, in consultation with the hospital's staff, an inhaler worth HUF 575,000 was donated. The important medical device supports the aftercare of young patients who have been taken off the ventilator. 

Just as last year, our company is supporting the work of the Breast Cancer Cure Foundation, the largest Hungarian organization for breast cancer research, treatment and self-help groups with a donation of HUF 500,000. In addition to the donation, it’s equally important for us to follow the work of the foundation and to use our own means to raise awareness of the importance of screening. 

Therefore, Dóra Diána Szemerédi, Senior Manager of CSR and Internal Communications and Gergely Fonay, Head of Marketing, recently visited a therapy group, run by the foundation, where the psychologist in charge of group therapy and the group members were presented with the T-shirts, we had made to raise awareness of the illness. 

For us, it's not only important to keep women healthy, but also men. With more than ten years of experience, the MentsManust Hungary Association is the largest non-profit organization dealing with men's health in our country. They are also responsible for the introduction of the Australian "moustache growing" initiative called Movember and the Prostate Commando screening program, which has been operating since 2016. We have supported the work of the MentsManust Hungary Association with donations of HUF 500,000-500,000 over the past two years, and also provided a venue for free PSA screenings organized by the association at Auchan Korzó Budaörs. As a result of the cooperation, our company has been awarded the Institution Supporting Men's Health certificate in 2021, which was created by the Foundation to recognize companies that support the health of male employees.