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Our CSR team is among the speakers at this year's MBSZ conference on ESG topics

This year we also participated in the one-day conference of the Association of Hungarian Shopping Centers (MBSZ). Our company was represented at the professional event called "ESG in crisis" held on October 13, 2022 by Dóra Diána Szemerédi Head of CSR and Internal Communications, who gave an awareness-raising presentation on the relationship between ESG and the vision of Nhood, as well as on our projects with a People-Planet-Profit approach.

As a result of the increasingly noticeable consequences of climate change, environmental and sustainability aspects are more and more emphasized during the development and operation of shopping centers, so it is not surprising that ESG issues also played a major role at the recent professional conference of the Association of Hungarian Shopping Centers (MBSZ).

However, the growing expectations of society, the transition from a linear economy to a sustainable, circular economy and stricter environmental regulations can create not only a challenge, but also an opportunity for growth and a competitive advantage for companies that recognize and look ahead to the spirit of the times.   

Our company, which provides complex real estate market solutions, has been placing special emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability since its establishment. At Nhood, we believe that a more livable future depends on us, and our economic success cannot be based solely on financial performance:  we can only create real estate market value if we integrate our impact on people and the planet into our definition of success and corporate value, and in order to achieve a green transition, we rethink not only our business model, but the implementation aspects of city centers of the future.  

The recently organized MBSZ conference on ESG provided us with an excellent opportunity to share our knowledge with the rest of the industry and talk about our responsible corporate philosophy that integrates the interests of people and the well-being of the planet into its projects.  

At the one-day professional event held at the Lurdy Event and Conference Center, our company was represented by Dóra Diána Szemerédi, Head of CSR and Internal Communications, who gave a valuable, mind-forming presentation about the connection of ESG and Nhood’s vision based on the  triple pillar  of  People-Planet-Profit  –  that is, the human factor, the impact on the natural environment and the economic benefits -, our two flagship projects based on the 15-minute city concept which are the real estate developments in Óbuda and Kecskemét, as well as on our other major 3P-oriented projects.

We would like to thank MBSZ for the organization of the event, as we have seen many important and meaningful presentations on various ESG topics. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been able to present Nhood's position on this extremely important topic.

Congratulations to the speakers and panelists!  See you next year!