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Our company is among the founders of the Budaörs Community CSR Platform

Nhood Hungary recently joined a CSR initiative which was initiated by the Budaörs City Council.  
The Declaration of Values of the Budaörs Community CSR Platform was signed at the Budaörs Town Hall by companies, non-governmental associations and non-profit organizations together with the local city council. Our company was represented at the event by our Managing Director, Pascal Steens and Dóra Diána Szemerédi, our Head of CSR and Internal Communications.

As a provider of complex real estate services, our company has been focusing on the questions of environmental protection, sustainability and community building since its foundation. A renewed example of our responsible efforts, taking into account the human factor and the interests of our natural environment, is our participation in the CSR initiative of the Budaörs City Council.

The Budaörs Community CSR Platform (Budaörs Közösség – Közösségi CSR Platform) is an open and voluntary cooperation that aims to develop effective cooperation in the life of the city, along the lines of solidarity, shared responsibility and coordinated social responsibility of companies and civil organizations as due to today's environmental, economic and social changes, locality is becoming more and more valued, and thus, thinking together, sharing knowledge and experience is gaining more and more emphasis.

The founding companies and NGOs of the Budaörs Community CSR Platform undertake to jointly seek solutions to the challenges arising in a progressive manner, with the meaningful involvement of stakeholders and in compliance with the relevant legislation, in order to achieve the environmental, community and generational goals set out in the Declaration of Values.

The cooperation was signed by eight companies and NGOs in addition to the Budaörs City Council and our company as founders: Colas Alterra Zrt., Húsznegyven Egyesület, IKEA, Neuronelektród Kft., Primanima Kft, SPG Sportcikk Kft. (Intersport), Terrapark Kft., and Wamatec Hungary Kft, but other companies and organizations have also come forward since.

"It is a great pleasure for us that we could join this excellent initiative, as Nhood wants to contribute with real actions to the enhancement of local community life, environmental sustainability and social well-being. Moreover, we already have an excellent relationship with the Budaörs City Council, as we have cooperated in several CSR projects in recent years." - said Pascal Steens, Managing Director of Nhood Hungary, who also signed the founding document.
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