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Nhood Hungary team competes in yet another running race

More than fourteen thousand people ran the Vivicittá Half Marathon on Margaret Island. We are particularly pleased that this time we were not only present as runners, but also as a key sponsor on behalf of the Auchan Korzó brand, belonging to our client, Ceetrus. 

This year saw the 37th edition of the Vivicittá Half Marathon, the most popular outdoor sporting event of the spring season. With its roots in Italy and popular around the world, more than fourteen thousand participants enjoyed the thrill of running together on the last weekend of March on Budapest’s Margaret Island. 

According to the organizers, the end of the coronavirus epidemic has reignited the runner tourism, as in addition to domestic participants, another 1,350 runners from 72 different countries arrived to the event.

This time, nine of our employees represented our company: Mercédesz Tóth, Réka Horváth, Angéla Somogyi-Végh, Dóra Diána Szemerédi, Gergely Fonay, Balázs Gábosy, Csongor Sándor, István Skodnitz and Márton Valovics. Everyone completed the 10 km distance. The well-being of our runners was enhanced by the bright sunny weather and the event’s great atmosphere. 
The special feature of this year's race for us was that as the operator of Auchan Korzó, we were not only present as participants, but also a key sponsor, so visitors of the sporting event had the opportunity the meet the brand we represent on many different platforms. 

Gergely Fonay, Head of Marketing at Nhood Hungary commented the following on the participation and sponsorship: 

"For Nhood, running together is not only a team-building activity, but also part of our people-centered approach. For the past years now, we have been sponsoring sporting events and running races with the Auchan Korzó brand – belong to one of our clients. This is not only important for being able to spread the brand message to a wider audience, but also because of social responsibility. It’s important to emphasize that it’s the not performance that counts, but the joy of movement and the change in our attitude, as sport can give so much to people! This is our umpteenth running event and we are very proud of the enthusiasm of our team. Running together with colleagues is a great experience for all of us, so we hope that more of the co-workers will join us for our next race."