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Nhood employees volunteered at an animal shelter


As part of a team building program, our colleagues not only walked dogs and cleaned, but they also brought a donation worth HUF 100,000 to the Szentendre Árvácska Animal Protection Association.

Social responsibility is an important part of Nhood's corporate philosophy. Our company places a strong emphasis on supporting important social causes, so we regularly support foundations and associations, and like to get involved in projects that benefit people and the planet.
In this spirit, in July, Nhood's legal department decided to visit an animal shelter as part of their team-building programme. After some consideration, they chose the Szentendre Árvácska Animal Protection Association. The association was founded in 1997 by a group of local animal lovers, and their shelter can now accommodate up to 150 dogs and 100-110 cats at a time. The association's credo is that all animals in the world deserve to be protected by humans, and cared for in a manner appropriate to their species. However, their commitment - feeding, caring for and medically treating the animals - costs a lot of money, so in the absence of public funding, the shelter relies heavily on the financial support and voluntary work of NGOs to support their work.

At the shelter in Szentendre, volunteers carry out a variety of tasks, such as animal care, regular dog walking, organising and running programmes, purchasing goods, technical renovation work, gardening, writing tenders, and various graphic and printing work.  
The team from the legal department visited the Szentendre animal rescuers on 9 July, with plans to volunteer and bring a donation. So, they approached the AlphaZoo pet shop, a commercial partner of Auchan Korzó run by Nhood, where they bought 100.000 HUF worth of food, leashes and kitten carriers for the animals. AlphaZoo not only assembled and delivered the purchased donations, but also offered a 25% discount on the total amount of the invoice, thus supporting the work of the animal welfare workers. Special thanks to Zoltán Czibula for his help from AlphaZoo!

Bernadett Zajné Bikki, legal assistant, one of the organizers of the team building program, said the following in connection with the visit:

“We arrived at the shelter on a Friday morning. We handed over the donation and then they showed us around. We spent a full morning at the shelter, cleaned up at the kitten house, and walked several dogs. We may still have a similar movement again soon because we had a great time, the kittens also thanked us for the care with a grateful purr and the puppies were also happy to walk. Plus, when word got out inside the company of where we were, the finance department immediately signaled that they would love to join next time. It felt good to help, so we encourage other companies to do the same, as we can’t imagine how much our donation and our volunteer work matter to the animal shelter.”