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Nhood employees planted trees in Budaörs


On 11 November 2021, twelve trees were planted in the area of Auchan Budaörs as part of the CITIES4CSR program.

Our company, Nhood, which develops, regenerates and operates mixed use properties, places special emphasis on corporate social responsibility. In all of our projects, we seek to create added value by transforming our sites into lively community spaces with a triple positive impact in collaboration with local advocacies, associations and residents.  

An excellent example of this goal is the 11 November 2021 tree planting action. The local government of Budaörs, together with local companies and residents, is trying to take steps to protect our environment and implement the climate targets adopted by the municipality in the framework of community tree planting as part of the URBACT project called CITIES4CSR. The CITIES4CSR network aims to develop a methodology that local governments can use in order to support the social responsibility of local corporations, so that the community can benefit as much as possible. 

By the end of the project that Nhood Hungary was first to join, two hundred trees will be planted at several points in Budaörs. From these, our staff planted 12 trees in the Auchan Budaörs area, but our further plans include the placement of bird dens and feeders, and the planting of a significant number of saplings next spring. 

Regarding the tree planting, Diana Diána Szemerédi, Senior Manager of CSR and Internal Communications as well as the main organizer of the event said the following: 

„Trees are eternal inhabitants of our environment, and their role in balancing out the urban surrounding is particularly important. Not only do they make our neighborhood nicer, but they improve air quality, filter out dust, neutralize carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, provide shade from the blazing sun in summer, and due to their long lifespan, our children and even grandchildren will be able to enjoy their beauty. Therefore, any activity that is aimed at preserving our environment and biodiversity is extremely beneficial to people. In addition, tree planting campaigns are great community-building events, as - in addition to their obvious benefits -, they help to bring people together in support of a greener neighborhood.” 

Speaking about the event, our Managing Director, Pascal Steens, told Buda Környéki Television:  

"We are very happy to be here in this beautiful place and contribute to the preservation of our environment. We are involved in commercial property development, including the regeneration of the properties we manage. We strive to put our commercial properties in a new context, and in this, sustainability is a major priority. Our main objective is the triple P (People-Planet-Profit), i.e., to achieve a triple positive impact on the natural environment, the local residents and the economy. We believe it is important to bring market players closer together. We therefore want to get closer to the partners we can work with in order to develop our sites, such as local authorities and citizens, to create a more livable environment. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this project. Let's build a better and more sustainable future together."