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Musical-like new commercial shows the fun shopping experience at Auchan Korzó

Brand ambassadors Ramóna Lékai-Kiss and András Stohl guide a surprised girl through the shops of Auchan Korzó, who, despite not being prepared for it, is having the time of her life. The latest promotional spot for Auchan Korzó shops will be available on the brand's website and social platforms.

The marketing team of Nhood Hungary, the operator of Auchan Korzós, has created a new promotional commercial, which again draws attention to the wide range of shopping, services and recreational opportunities offered by the stores at the Auchan hypermarkets. The main message of the film created by Paprika Studios, which was shot in the recently renovated Auchan Korzó Soroksár, is based on the slogan "Vásárolj be, kapcsolódj ki” (Make a buy, take a break), introduced in 2020, and its primary goal is to connect the brand name with a great shopping experience.  

This is the third independent commercial for the Auchan Korzó brand since the rebranding and slogan change two years ago. The first commercial (link), which had a strong sales focus, was designed to showcase the brand ambassadors and the versatility of Auchan Korzós, which has around 650 stores, service providers, restaurants and cafés in 18 locations across the country, while the second dancing commercial (link) was more of a mood film, suggesting that everyone can enjoy themselves at Auchan Korzó, as a visit to the hypermarket's stores can brighten up even the dullest weekday.

This new, third film (link) combines the two previous ones, as the emphasis on the mood elements is just as strong as the promotional message. In the film, Ramóna Lékai-Kiss and András Stohl, the brand ambassadors of Auchan Korzó, guide a surprised girl through the Auchan Korzó, who, despite not being prepared for it, as she only came to send a letter, is going through the best day of her life.

From the older couple appearing at the end of the spot, it can be concluded that the brand ambassadors are also guiding others around, suggesting that a visit to Auchan Korzó promises an equally exciting day for all shoppers. The musical-like, singing storytelling of the story affects the emotions and makes the brand more lovable.

Another interesting element of the current film is that in addition to the brand ambassadors, it also presents two customer target groups - the younger twenty-year-olds and the older, fifty-plus generation, meaning that every age group can find what they are looking for at Auchan Korzó, whether it’s a product, service, meal or recreation.

The completed advertising spot has two versions. The longer one is one-minute, but followers can also find a shorter, half-minute cut on Auchan Korzó's social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) as well as on its website.

Gergely Fonay, Head of Marketing of Nhood Hungary, operator of Auchan Korzó, said the following about the project: “We are very pleased with the new commercial. We wanted to show that on Auchan Korzó everything is available for a fun, exciting day, since a wide range of shops, service providers and restaurants await visitors. We hope that the cheerful, musical-like realization will bring the brand even closer to customers who will enjoy this film as much as we do.”