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Meet Our Leaders video - Gyöngyi Pénzesné Répási, Chief Accountant

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We put together a special interview series to introduce to you the wonderful management team of Nhood Hungary, so that you can get to know them better, find out what they do, what their favorite project is, what the ideal neighborhood looks like to them, what motivates them, and where they see our company in five years’ time. This video features Gyöngyi Pénzesné Répási, our Chief Accountant.

„My job is actually my hobby. Everyone knows that I can be motivated by the task. In order to have a good team, you have to choose people you like to work with and who like to work with each other, this is very important. And in this way, since they get the trust, they get the independence, the creativity, this already comes with responsibility. So, from here on, they can motivate themselves to solve certain tasks independently.”

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