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Inspiration day at Nhood Hungary – We visited Budapest’s iconic markets

At our company, Nhood, which specializes in real estate development and the operation of shopping centers, we consider effective communication between departments important. We are all driven by the same goal after all, that is to create bustling, vibrant neighborhoods and community spaces for people with positive social, environmental and economic impacts. 

That is why we hold a company-wide joint meeting once a month on a Friday, where we get to know each other's current projects in short lectures given by each team. These occasions not only facilitate the flow of information and enable smoother collaboration, but also strengthen team spirit.

Every few months, the Fridays we spend together turn into Inspiration Days, when we visit outside venues. The purpose of Inspiration Days is to see what innovative - technical, commercial, architectural, communicational, and sustainability – solutions others are using in their real estate developments and how we could incorporate elements that are useful to us into our own projects.

Last autumn we saw a recently opened shopping center, and this time we visited the iconic market halls of Budapest. Markets are important meeting places for those living nearby. Bustling commercial venues that represent tradition, permanence and belong to people’s everyday lives. In markets, we can not only get fresh ingredients from a controlled source, but we can also buy goods without packaging, support local smallholder producers, and gather meaningful experiences.

With our teams, we visited six locations, the Central Market Hall, and the Garay Square, the Klauzál Square, the Teleki Square, the Hunyadi Square, and the Rákóczi Square markets. We took notes, talked to local tenants, and shot photos. Then after a nice lunch we returned to the office to discuss what we saw. 

The market visits not only inspired our future projects, but we also gathered a number of ideas on how we could make the markets even more efficient by taking advantage of their ideal location and using the right tenant mix, communication tools, events, and more modern architectural & operational solutions.

Inspiration Days are not just useful, but also mind-forming. They reinforce us in our work to develop complex solutions that transform neighborhoods into mixed-use, vibrant and sustainable places creating added value & better conditions for current and future generations.