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How we create wellbeing at Nhood Hungary

Every May, the Mental Health Foundation dedicates a week to mental health. This year, Mental Health Week 2022 took place from 9-15 May, with a series of events raising awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing. To mark the occasion, we've put together a list of the concrete steps we're taking to support the mental health of our employees.

Well-being is important in every aspect of our lives, including the workplace. Fortunately, more and more company leaders are recognizing that wellbeing is a key factor in performance. Namely, when people feel good, they work better and feel more engaged in their workplace. And among more engaged employees, absenteeism drops significantly and productivity increases. In addition, wellbeing is a key factor in recruitment and retention efforts, as employees are more likely to choose companies where not only pay but also morale is good.

As a people-centric company, Nhood Hungary places special emphasis on the unity of People, Planet & Profit. We therefore treat the well-being of our employees as a top priority and take concrete steps to ensure the physical and mental health of our collective.
Our colleagues receive a private health insurance package so that they can use the services of a private clinic in case of a complaint, and twice a week they have the opportunity to play sports and recharge in a fitness and wellness facility close to the office. The Nhood Running Team regularly participates in running competitions, which is organized by our company.
Recently, our staff had the opportunity to participate in a two-day stress management training where colleagues could learn useful techniques to improve self-knowledge and emotional intelligence, as well as practices to overcome stress and solve problems more effectively.

Once a month, we hold Pizza Fridays, a company-wide joint meeting, where we get to know the current tasks of each team through short presentations. The presentation ends with a fun pizza lunch, after which staff members can enjoy a refreshing office massage. These opportunities not only facilitate the flow of information and smoother collaboration, but also strengthen team spirit. In addition, we occasionally organize Happy Monday breakfasts, when we have breakfast together at the office. 

Ensuring ‘Work-Life-Balance’ is one of the biggest weapons in the hands of employers to increase commitment. There are more and more companies in Hungary that pay enough attention to this. At Nhood, we consider it extremely important to support the harmonious living of our employees, so we provide opportunities for hybrid, freelance as well as part-time work.

In addition, numerous fun programs support team spirit. During the time when we mostly worked from home, we held online chef school & cooking sessions, while in the spring, as the epidemic eased, we held an office reopening party. In the summer, we regularly organize company picnics, and there are also opportunities to participate in CSR activities such as tree planting, putting out bird feeders and animal shelter visits. Once a year, we go on a two-day company team-building event, while twice a year we organize team building activities for the smaller teams.  

Barbara Bozakov, our HR Manager, commented the following on this topic:
"As an HR manager with a background in psychology, I consider employee wellbeing a top priority. I believe that we can only be a productive, innovative and creative team if our company cares about our employees to the maximum. To this end, we prioritize the mental and physical health of our employees, support work-life balance and, of course, have fun together. I am proud to work for a company where people are a real asset."