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Ground Squirrel Reserve next to Auchan Korzó Solymár reopens from March 15th

Last September, we inaugurated the Solymár Ground Squirrel Reserve, which is not only a great example of corporate social responsibility and preservation of biodiversity & natural values, but also a place where people can get closer to nature. From 15 March, the Visitors’ Center next to Auchan Korzó Solymár is once again open to nature-loving families, as well as kindergarten and school groups.

At Nhood, we believe that true value creation is not only about profitability, but also takes into account the well-being of people and the planet. Therefore, in the course of our work, we strive to develop our clients' portfolio in a value-adding way, while also having a positive impact on our environment and setting an example in the field of social responsibility.

This approach is well reflected in the Ground Squirrel Reserve (Ürgerét), which is owned by Ceetrus and is located on a sixteen-hectare development plot that also gives home to the Auchan hypermarket in Solymár. It was created with the involvement of experts as part of a multi-year project to protect the ground squirrel population that have proliferated in the territory and are considered a highly protected species throughout Europe.

The approximately one and a half hectare fenced park is located in the green area behind Auchan Korzó Solymár, which is managed by Nhood Hungary. The primary purpose of the “Ürgerét” is to protect and ensure the survival of the Solymár ground squirrel population, as well as to strengthen the livestock, but it is also a great excursion and knowledge-acquiring place for nature-loving families, preschoolers, and school groups.

For the purpose of studying ground squirrels, a wooden house, within which a Visitor’s Center equipped with binoculars and a camera system were added to the meadow, and access to the site is facilitated by a comfortable, barrier-free sidewalk. On the benches placed in the open visitor and observation space, people can sit down and immerse themselves in the everyday life of the ground squirrels.

From October to March, just like bears, ground squirrels hibernate, but when spring comes, they emerge. The best time to observe them is from spring to late summer, so the Solymár Ground Squirrel Reserve is available to visitors from March 15 to September 15, every day between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Combine shopping at the Auchan Commercial Park in Solymár with a nice excursion in the area. For example, visit the Paprikás stream gorge valley, or the nearby Solymár castle built on the Mátyás hill and enjoy the panoramic view of Pilis, then include The Ground Squirrel Reserve in your hiking trail. After observing the friendly furry animals, the whole family can relax with a delicious lunch, coffee or cake at the local Auchan Korzó.  

Spend an adventurous, yet close-to-nature, quiet and peaceful afternoon at the Solymár Ürgerét!