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Environmentally conscious solutions for a better future and more sustainable cities


Today, on the threshold of the climate crisis, more companies are taking on the role of promoting environmental awareness than ever before, recognizing that showing a good example is essential. In the following article, we have gathered what we do at Nhood Hungary to create a more sustainable environment for future generations. 

As a company specialized in real estate development and shopping center management, Nhood is aware of its ecological responsibility. Therefore, we believe it is important to regularly raise awareness of the importance of protecting our environment. We also know that it’s not enough to talk about sustainability, we also need to act. That is why in all our activities we strive to reduce global warming and have a positive impact on our planet.

In order to ensure the sustainable operation of our key client, Auchan Korzó, belonging to the Ceetrus portfolio, we perform carbon footprint calculations and support the implementation of environmentally conscious solutions based on this.
All Auchan Korzó are accessible by public transport, while in case of the Auchan shopping centers in Budaörs
, Óbuda, Dunakeszi, Soroksár and Budakalász, we have also introduced community car sharing as an environmentally friendly transport alternative.
We are trying to involve our clients in the circular economy as much as possible, so we have connected the tenants of Auchan Korzó with the Rakun box community and the Munch platform to reduce unnecessary waste.

We also consider it crucial from a societal point of view to inform our commercial partners about the importance of climate change and what they can do to reduce the negative effects. To this end, we design and implement dissemination campaigns and contractable regulations for our clients and their target groups.

In order to create a more liveable environment, we consider the development of biodiversity to be essential.  Therefore, we have been supporting, organizing, implementing tree planting and landscaping projects, as well as other biodiversity-enhancing solutions for many years, with the help of our available resources and with the involvement of our clients. We are proud of the almost one-hectare landscaping of the Auchan Korzó car park in Soroksár, where we planted almost 100 trees and, in cooperation with the 10 million Trees Foundation, created the largest Miyawaki forest in Hungary, covering 200 m2 and with a high biodiversity value.

Miyawaki forests are planted using a special method developed and internationally recognized by Japanese botanist and ecologist Akira Miyawaki to mitigate the effects of climate change. Its method can be used to create mini-forests of at least thirty species of wood that not only bind dust and purify the air more efficiently, but grow faster, are denser and richer in biodiversity than traditional groves.

We consider our cooperation with the Budaörs municipality to be similarly successful, in the framework of which we joined the URBACT project called CITIES4CSR. By the end of the project, about two hundred trees will be planted in several parts of Budaörs, and we also plan to install bird boxes and feeders in all our locations.

In addition, we have already obtained BREEAM In-Use certifications for five Auchan Korzó shopping centres operated by us: Dunakeszi, Soroksár, Budaörs, Kecskemét and Maglód. Our company plans to obtain the world's most recognized green building certification for all our sites in the upcoming year.

We are also working on some other exciting projects to conserve natural assets and biodiversity, which we hope to report on soon.
What will our cities look like in 100 years? No matter what tomorrow brings, our choices will surely impact the lives of our communities. At Nhood, we believe that a more sustainable future depends on us, so we strive to ensure that the spaces we create also ensure the well-being of those who follow us.