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Educational program continues in the Palánta Bio Garden

Our company's Palánta Biokert project was launched in 2022 and was implemented in the Auchan Commercial Centre in Maglód. Since last year, the organic farm has been used as a venue for educational purposes. In the first half of this year, another 170 school children were introduced to the basics of chemical-free gardening in the Educational Garden in Maglód.
The Palánta Organic Garden was created in the heart of the Auchan Commercial Centre in Maglód, on an area of almost one and a half hectares. We also wanted to set an example for future generations through organic farming, which is why we have also set up an educational garden on the site. Our aim was to host school groups so that students could learn the basics of gardening through a hands-on experience with an educational program designed specifically for the location.
The curriculum was put together by two teachers, Katalin Csörsz and Katalin Néder, whom we asked for the task together with our partner, Organisk. Our company provided the graphic design, the teaching materials as well as the organization of the programs, while Organisk has created the plant beds as part of the educational garden and has planted and cared for the vegetables that the children can study during the sessions.
The management of the Péter Vermesy Péter Primary and Elementary School of Arts in Maglód was pleased to integrate the program into its annual curriculum. The first on-site sessions started in May 2023 for lower school pupils, who can learn about vegetables, composting and planting methods, garden tools and garden inhabitants through regular garden visits. This year, the educational program started in April. With the help of the garden, another 170 children from seven classes had the opportunity to learn about organic gardening so far. Each session has been a success, providing students with new knowledge and new hands-on experiences.

The project is in line with Nhood's approach, since with the implementation of Palánta Educational Garden we created a value which reflects the triple positive impact of the company's vision: the unity of economic, social and environmental benefits.