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Auchan Korzó Dunakeszi receives BREEAM In-Use „Very Good” certification

Nhood Services Hungary, the operator of Auchan Korzós, has been awarded one of the world's most renowned international green building certifications for its environmentally conscious solutions for the Auchan Korzó Dunakeszi. In the future, the company plans to obtain the environmental certification for all the sites it operates.

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in construction, as it is one of the industries with the largest ecological footprint. While a few decades ago building ratings served mostly marketing purposes, today buildings have to meet a wide range of energy efficiency requirements. The market is also changing, as customers are increasingly looking for green solutions when buying property and building manufacturers are paying more attention to sustainability as well. New energy efficient technologies are emerging and renewable energy sources are playing an increasingly important role. 

In this changing and increasingly conscious market environment, Nhood Services Hungary, a mixed real estate services company, considers it essential to play its role in creating a more liveable future and more sustainable cities, and therefore places particular emphasis on social and environmental responsibility. The company that also operates Auchan Korzós, takes into account the social, environmental and economic impacts of its operations in all its activities and strives to develop the environment in a responsible way for future generations. 
An excellent measure of this commitment is the BREEAM certificate, the world's most recognized voluntary assessment method, which assesses buildings for sustainability and makes them internationally comparable. The certificate allows buildings to be assessed throughout their entire life cycle, with separate categories for new build, refurbished and existing buildings.

Nhood, having more than 40 years of real estate experience and operating in 10 countries, is also committed to demonstrating its credibility as a leader in environmentally responsible real estate development to its customers and business partners internationally. This is why it has its new and existing buildings certified through BREEAM in all its member countries. 

The first step in the certification process for buildings already in use in Hungary is that the Auchan Korzó in Dunakeszi has obtained the BREEAM In-Use "Very Good" certificate.

At the Dunakeszi site, energy-efficient LED lights, selective waste collection, low water consumption sanitary ware and a complex energy management system are used, among other things. The site has a three-storey, highly biodiverse plant community, with a mix of native trees, hedgerow shrubs, climbing shrubs and green lawns, while in the parking area bicycle storage and electric car chargers await those choosing more environmentally friendly modes of transportation. 

The company's long-term plans include obtaining the BREEAM In-Use certification for all the Auchan Korzós over the next few years. Commenting on the certification process, Balázs Gábosy, Director of Business Development, Sales and Operations of Nhood Services Hungary said:

"Nhood is committed to making a positive impact on both society and the planet, while creating economic value, both in the shopping centers it currently manages and in the mixed-use properties it will develop in the future. An indicator of this positive impact is a certification such as BREEAM. In addition to that, we have several projects in the pipeline – that are not real estate development in the classical sense - where the primary concern is to preserve the environment and strengthen the link between nature and people."