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Auchan Korzó customer satisfaction survey brings highly positive results

Nhood Services Hungary Kft. has recently conducted a satisfaction survey among the customers of its main client, Auchan Korzó, part of the Ceetrus portfolio. The Auchan Korzó brand includes almost 650 shops, service providers, restaurants and cafés in 18 Auchan hypermarkets across the country, including many well-known global brands. The satisfaction survey examined Auchan Korzó brand awareness, spontaneous and promoted brand awareness and popularity, brand communication awareness and satisfaction with the Auchan Korzó sites.

In order to increase its awareness, Auchan Korzó underwent a complete brand makeover in 2020. Instead of the previously used "Korzó" name, the „Auchan Korzó” brand name was introduced on both online and offline platforms, thus bringing the brand alongside the more well-known Auchan name. The brand has also been aligned with Auchan in its visual elements. As part of the upgrade, the slogan "Vásárolj be, kapcsolódj ki - Make a buy, have a break" was introduced and target groups were expanded. In addition to the female target group, the communication now also targets men, and - in addition to single young people -, the communication now also includes families and older generations. Nhood Hungary, the operator of Auchan Korzó has been working with its new brand ambassadors - Ramóna Lékai-Kiss and András Stohl - since September 2020. The current satisfaction survey was conducted to find out how well the new marketing strategy has been implemented over the past two years.

The research consisted of online and on-site interviews. The online questionnaire mainly targeted the followers of Auchan Korzó's Facebook and Instagram pages and visitors of the website, while the on-site survey was conducted in 18 Auchan hypermarkets by means of face-to-face interviews with the same percentage of 18-29, 30-49, 50-69, 70+ year-olds. The online questionnaire, which was available for two weeks in January on Auchan Korzó's social platforms, was completed by 572 people, while the number of respondents to the on-site survey, which took place between 24-30 January 2022, was 1,081.

Among the respondents of the online questionnaire, the brand awareness of Auchan Korzó is particularly high at 88 percent, while the spontaneous awareness of the brand ambassadors - Ramóna Lékai-Kiss and András Stohl - is 67 percent. In the question on the brand ambassadors' endorsed brand awareness, where respondents had to choose from a list that included the names of several celebrities, half of the respondents (50%) correctly selected Ramóna Lékai-Kiss and slightly less than half (46%) recognized András Stohl. Of the two brand ambassadors, Ramóna Lékai-Kiss is the more popular, with almost 80% of respondents liking her, compared to 69.1% for András Stohl.

The online survey questions about the Auchan Korzó sites shows similarly positive responses. 83% of respondents were satisfied with the restaurants at the Auchan Korzó shopping centers, while almost 90% were satisfied with the range of shops and the cleanliness of the stores. The question on the safety of sites received an even more positive response, with a 94 percent satisfaction rate for public safety among respondents.

During the on-site survey, a quarter (26%) of the customers aged 18 and over could name the Auchan Korzó brand ambassadors spontaneously. The awareness of brand ambassadors is higher among female customers and those living in Central Hungary. Among them, the identification of the brand ambassadors is particularly high, with Ramóna Lékai-Kiss and András Stohl being named almost without exception. The endorsed brand ambassador awareness is also high in the overall customer base and is almost identical for the two faces.  65% of the customers named Ramóna Lékai-Kiss and 63% named András Stohl as brand ambassadors. For the vast majority of shoppers over 18 years of age, Ramóna Lékai-Kiss is likeable and credible as Auchan Korzó's brand ambassador (85%). For András Stohl, this percentage is slightly lower (72%). With advancing age and decreasing shopping frequency, the brand ambassadors' recognition decreases.

The on-site research also showed that 90% of the respondents shop at Auchan Korzó at least once a month. Half of the customers (54%) claimed they were familiar with the Auchan Korzó brand. Brand awareness is higher among women and among shoppers in Budapest and Pest County. Brand awareness decreases as the age of shoppers increases and the frequency of shopping decreases.

More than one-third (36%) of the customers have encountered Auchan Korzó's communication in the past period. Older generations mentioned the TV, while younger customers cited the brand's online and social media ads.
It is particularly positive that in the personal survey, almost all customers expressed satisfaction with the range of products (97%), cleanliness (93%) and public safety (98%) of Auchan Korzó sites. Satisfaction with the range of restaurants in Auchan Korzó shopping centers is also high, but this area scores the lowest of all the aspects measured (82%). Overall satisfaction with Auchan Korzó sites across the entire customer base is also very high - 96%.

Commenting on the research, Gergely Fonay, Head of Marketing of Nhood Hungary, the operator of Auchan Korzó shopping centers, said the following:

"We conducted the survey primarily to find out the current level of awareness and popularity of our brand and brand ambassadors among our customers. We also wanted to know how satisfied visitors are with the Auchan Korzó sites that we operate, to find out where we need to improve and make changes in the future. The conclusion is that we did a good job. To be honest, we didn't even expect such positive feedback. We are very pleased that the majority of our customers are satisfied with the quality of service at Auchan Korzós and that so many of them know and like our brand ambassadors. Of course, we are aware that this result can be further improved, which is why we will continue to use intensive and complex marketing campaigns to make the Auchan Korzó brand known to as many people as possible and to attract as many visitors as possible to our shopping centers."  

About Nhood:
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