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Accessible shopping at Auchan Korzó

As a responsible company, we believe that equal opportunities are important, which is why we want to provide all our visitors barrier-free shopping and leisure facilities in our shopping centers. To this end, Auchan recently had the accessibility of its common areas, including the hypermarket and Auchan Korzó, assessed by Access4you, a specialist in this field, and the improvements implemented on the basis of the audit will qualify Auchan for bronze-level certification in the future.
Today, 15% of the world's population is affected by the topic of accessibility, which in our country means about one and a half million people. Accessibility in apartments, houses, shopping centers and offices is a key factor in enabling people with mental and physical disabilities to plan seriously for independent living. In addition, the number of elderly people is increasing and they are also affected by this issue. Fortunately, a lot progress has been made in the past years, with legal regulations now supporting accessibility in the built environment and responsible companies paying more and more attention to equal opportunities.

Access4you staff recently visited and assessed all 24 Auchan hypermarkets and18 Auchan Korzó shopping centers in person, based on a criteria system consisting of more than 1,000 elements, developed in collaboration with rehabilitation engineers and stakeholders. In the survey, the areas of the Auchan hypermarkets, Auchan Korzó aisles and food courts were assessed for nine accessibility groups: wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility, elderly and mobility-impaired people, people with strollers, deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired, people with cognitive impairment and people with assistance dogs.

Sites are considered barrier-free if there is free access for the given group with special needs, internal transport and the services provided by the site are accessible and usable without barriers. The areas examined by the NGO include accessibility, entrance, external and internal environment, parameters of doors, stairs and ramps, characteristics of the equipment, and the existence of tools and services to support barrier-free use. The more groups with special needs have access to a space, the higher the level it reaches based on the certification company's rating system. Following the improvements to be carried out, Auchan hypermarkets will be eligible for the bronze level. 

Information on the accessibility of Auchan hypermarkets and Auchan Korzó shopping centers will be available to shoppers on the website and in the access4you app, where a number of photos and detailed information will be shared, about parking, entrance and restrooms among other things. This information will be made available as soon as the recommendations collected from the audit are implemented.
We are certain that the customers concerned will find the information useful, as we work to create shopping centers that offer an equally enjoyable experience for everyone.